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Tipping Point Values


Tipping Point Values - compass cards

Want to unlock the values that make you feel at home in the world? Listen to a 20 minute channeled memo from compass cards' creator Cady on how to dial in the values that will help you feel most like you. Laughs free of charge.

This includes:

  • A gentle meditation
  • Guidance on how to mine memories for values
  • Personal example(s) of how tipping point values show up
  • What to expect on your road to reclaiming tipping point values
  • Tips on integrating them
  • Rambles
  • ...and invitations for contemplation

I hope you enjoy!



"This was a super chill, super welcoming way to sus out some brain gunk." 

"It was great! Thank you!"

"Cady, you have a wonderful gift of being able to bring your whole self to conversations and it's really contagious."

And Cady's personal favorite...

"For so very long, I'm 46, values have been a something I've visited a handful of times throughout my life but never very deeply even though I had a sneaking suspicion they were an important piece of the picture. Though more recently have been digging deeper.) 

Anywho, precious nugget: Doing your exercise and discovering that my values are already very much alive inside of me and I simply had to illuminate them. They're not outside of me, requiring my cleverness to determine what it is exactly that I value, an idea out there to aspire to. Rather they're already in here, have been all along, to simply be uncovered and remembered."