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For most of your adventures, you have the answers. For this page specifically, we do.



compass cards™ are manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC), the creators of Bicycle playing cards. We partner with them for their:

Prior to gilding, each deck is shaved down and gilded in small batches, giving our cards that whole, "If it's shiny, maybe it's better" classic look and feel that just might make deep self-inquiry appealing.

Because the card edges are gilded, the product is non-recyclable. (They are, as many will attest, regiftable.)


Printing & Shipping

We ship our product using sustainable products. Our padded mailers are made from 100% recycled fibers. The tape is biodegradable. Both may be tossed into your recycling bin upon receipt.



Orders are fulfilled by a magical human.


Product Information


Product Design

It truly takes a village. We follow everyone who had a significant hand in shaping how these cards evolved. Claudia Udolf had the idea that led to these existing. Cady Macon (our founder) collaborated with Danielle Hutchens to design the product and drool-worthy site graphics. Leslie Adkins built our site. Miranda Zimmer hooked it up with backend analytics. Madelin Woods (via Walden) and Jay Clouse (via Unreal Collective) ensured Cady didn't drop the ball and – eventually! – would let compass cards™ live to see the light of day. Allie Morse told Cady to light her inbox up for months with accountability check-ins. Lisa Irimata is currently holding the brand's project management baton (and the "keeping Cady semi-sane" baton). Claire Hill is working her competent person magic on helping the brand better communicate its mission to the world. Clara Ma is lending a silly amount of Hufflepuff energy behind-the-scenes to grow the brand. The cards are reiki-infused by Lauren Shaffer (via Vessel Wellness Studio), which is both more fun and more marketable than saying than "Cady infused this with loving energy from her heart space over an extended period of time".

If we want to go a cut deeper, Tania Luna inadvertently led to these existing by letting Cady set a meeting with her (...that led to the discovery of the signature methodology). The site you're reading would not exist without Stacy Stahl, who passionately insisted this needed to be a self-coaching product.


The Team

According to the IRS, yes, it is a one person team (Cady). By taking a much wider view, it's anything but. While specific individuals got referenced above, there are countless tiny gestures – both seen and unseen – that allow for this to exist today, and this brand is inextricably a part of the whole.


Honorable Mention

Shout-out to Bill and Barbi Macon, who fed, chastised, praised, supported, critiqued, allowed, sighed at/with, loved, championed, and otherwise molded the founder into being. They joined the ranks of many parents prior, who graciously allowed their entrepreneurial offspring to ship from home and store "our first order" in the garage*. To them we offer countless thanks.

*Technically, it was the dining room.



The cards do not replace a coach, a therapist, or a mental health professional. Card users assume responsibility for their experience and their guided actions.