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Originally created to be a tool to help life coaches develop mastery of their craft, compass cards were redesigned to be a self-coaching tool when my friends wanted in. 

A few years, a bit of dust, and several iterations later, I'm thrilled to bring an accessible self-coaching tool to life's seekers.

To your adventures, 


 About the Creator


Cady Macon puts people on a path. As an intuitive guide (...and certified Co-Active coach), Macon’s helped NASA employees, New York Times bestselling authors, CEOs, Hall of Fame speakers, Stanford professors, entrepreneurs, athletes, baristas, psychic mediums, accountants, creatives, yogis, students, and hundreds of others lead more authentic lives through her guidance.

She's also burned her life to the ground in a blaze of glory that would inspire mystics and rappers alike.

For questions, concerns, propositions, feedback, testimonials, suggestions, tales from the road, and quality banter, you may find her online at:



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