compass cards

The Compass Framework

In life, we have our path and we have obstacles along that path. Wherever you wish to go, we're here to help you get there.

This image once had a longer caption that was very descriptive, but now you have an Easter Egg that is more fun — yet less descriptive. This is a cartoon. It shows a stick figure on a path. On that path, there is a cluster of rocks. Let's call it a boulder. To the right of the boulder, there's another stick figure. (Psssst: it's the same stick figure, but in the future!) Above the boulder, you see the word THINK. To the right, you see the word DO. Below it, you see FEEL. To the left, you see BE. The BE, THINK, DO, FEEL words are arranged like a compass would be. The boulder is labelled 'obstacle'. This is a silly cartoon to show our serious methodology that helps people get unstuck. This alt text is not short. Written & drawn by Cady Macon. For compass cards™.

Compass cards uses its own framework to help you orient yourself on life's map; it uses Co-Active style questions to help you unlock inner guidance needed to explore the terrain. If bullets do it for you, think of it like this:

  • Our Framework: A compass
  • Questions: Keys to unlock doors, dreams, and direction inside you

When it comes to finding your way forward, all the answers you need live in a little house within you. We're here to help you open the doors.

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