compass cards

The Path Suits

When lost in life's metaphorical woods, ask yourself: is this a question of path, or of obstacle?

Questions of path are questions of direction.

Yours may look like wondering where to take your career, whether or not to stay in a relationship, what city to live in, what to do with your creativity, what exercise is best for your body, what your life purpose is, what to make of modern politics and your role in it, or what to order at dinner. Of the limitless ways this can present itself, questions of path will always look like wondering which way forward is the best option for you.

It's a cartoon of a stick figure with a red backpack walking in the woods. In the image, even though all you see is a white blob, it's pretty obvious the stick figure is contemplating some deep shit. They're staring at a fork in the woods. At the fork, there's a sign. One post points left and it says, "Created Future". The one on the right points into the woods and it says, "Default Trajectory". The one on the left shows mountains very, very far in the distance, subliminally suggesting that the path on the left *just* might be better. Drawn by Cady Macon. For compass cards™.

Where do you go when the path isn't clear? 

While we don't have the answers to life's great existential questions (or a crystal ball for foolproof dinner recommendations), we do have a few that help you align your sweet self to the path that feels like home.

For questions of direction, draw a path card.

  • Be: Who am I? What do I want?
  • Do: What's next? How will I get there?

The questions won't dial down the doubt, but they just might help you turn up the volume on the whispers of your soul...  

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