compass cards

Why is that Feel question in here twice?

Ah, yes. The dreaded duplicate feel card that unnerves MBTI J's and Virgos everywhere.

No, it's not a mistake. Yes, it was purposeful. No, it's not a sadistic plight to watch your skin crawl, an Easter Egg brilliantly placed to find my next editor as a test of skill, nor was it a reckless choice made just because I like to watch the world burn.

Because it's a question I get so often it makes me smile, I thought I'd take time to break down the rationale behind why this is the way that it is. Here's an excerpt from an email to a recent customer:

"Ah, the repeat questions! That little creative choice unwittingly became the bane of many of our customer’s existence. This probably merits its own section on our FAQ pages.

Here’s what happened: when it was designed to be a self-coaching tool, coming back to the same central questions (however simplistic) could actually catalyze the most significant change. The repetitions served as little anchor points. (The question is the same, yet moment to moment, you are different.)

Yet, when we turned this into a consumer product, we annoyed......... everyone. Virgos especially. 🙃

The product will stay as it is until we sell out, although I have a sinking suspicion the future prints may see some gentle edits to avoid annoying the living daylights out of our sweet customers. 😂

Does that help?? See what you notice as you change yet the questions stay the same."

And that's it! You might still be mad at me, but at least now you know why.