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A new self-coaching methodology grounded in neuroscience, mysticism, motivational interviewing techniques, positive psychology, strategy, and adventure.

Originally designed to help life coaches develop mastery of their craft, compass cards™ found new life as a self-coaching tool when the founder's friends wanted in.

Inspired by the Co-Active coaching methodology, compass cards™ is a simple self-coaching system to help you see where you are on life's map – and move forward.


Pick a topic where the way forward feels unclear.
Ask yourself: "Where am I stuck?"


Pull cards or use a compass cards™ signature spread to untangle your luminous inner world. Keep going until the tangles feel looser.


Integrate learnings from your inner exploration into concrete action. Come unglued. Rinse, repeat.


"Compass cards really help me cut through my own bullshit and re-align. Without any activity or guidance, thoughtful time with myself just isn't going to happen. I worked hard to find my path. Quick self-coaching sessions help me stay on it."

– Eddie, Chicago

"I was on the phone with a friend, trying to help her navigate some tough feelings, and I remembered how helpful a lot of the compass cards questions were for me when I was going through something similar. I decided to reach for my Compass Cards again and use them on her too – she never knew, but we got down to the bottom of her feelings!"

– Stacy, St. Louis

"this is like legit real stuff!!!"

– Madelin, New York

"Compass cards allowed me to process and explore one of the most difficult experiences of my life. The questions are well thought out, impactful, and allowed me to access additional perspectives that I may not have explored on my own. Using the Compass Cards put me on the fast track to healing while also opening up for me what’s truly important to me in my life."

– Claire, San Francisco

"Being... doing...... That's gangster."

– Nicholas, Somewhere out in the cosmos

"These mysterious little things helped me find my magic when I thought it was lost forever."

– Cady, It Depends



When we want clarity, we tend to look outside ourselves for answers. The questions mean well, but their power lives in a new direction. The key to unlocking clear direction is to look in. Compass cards™ is a methodology to guide you home to you.


See what seekers, mystics, high-achievers, leaders, creators, and adventurers are tuning into.

The adventure starts now.📍